The Base Drum Heater is specifically designed for melting or reducing the viscosity of soaps, fats, waxes, varnishes & oil based type of products

The diameter of the base enables use on all sizes of drums up to 55 gallons (200L). Heat is provided by a 900W silicone rubber insulated heater mat, providing an even distribution of heat to the base. If a rapid heat up is required or solid mediums are involved requiring higher power input, Silicone Side Drum Heaters can be used in conjunction with the HBD; alternatively a thermally insulated jacket can be used.

The HBD is manufactured from 2mm thick mild steel for extra rigidity on uneven surfaces with tapered edges for safe ease of drum location and is protected by a resilient high temperature coating. Temperature adjustment is via a rear aperture in the control unit, with neons indicating power on and load switching viewed through a window in the control unit top. Heat is supplied via a silicone insulated etched foil heater giving a uniform temperature across the platen face. Insulated with 50mm of high density rock wool, heat transference to the base is minimal.

Power Rating: 110 or 230 Volts 900 Watts

Temperature Control: 0-150°C
Supply Lead: 2 Metres flexible armoured
Platen: Height 70mm, Diameter top 550mm, Base 600mm
Control Unit: Height 105mm, Protrusion 280mm
Overall Unit: 880mm Long, 600mm Wide, 105mm High

Health and Safety

All base drum heaters are manufactured to conform to EEC low voltage and EMC directives and are CE marked accordingly. Care should always be taken to ensure the drum is adequately ventilated before applying heat.

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