A simple and effective heating jacket solution for all types of drums; particularly plastic container

These jackets are ideally suited for the warming of a variety of products including fats, oils and foodstuffs. Used throughout the world by a multitude of industries from pharmaceutical to chemical, cosmetic to food, the insulated drum heater jacket is the ideal solution for heating liquid materials stored in metal or plastic drums.

The insulated drum heater is manufactured from lightweight but resilient materials and fitted with adjustable quick release buckles for ease of installation and removal. Temperature is regulated via an in-built thermostat up to a maximum of 90c for plastic drums. See silicone drum heaters for higher power ratings and 0-120°C thermostat for use with metal drums.
  • Teflon/Polyester Insulated
  • Class II Double Insulated
  • IP40 Protection
  • Thermal Insulation
  • 4m Power Cable
  • Adjustable Quick Release Buckles
  • Bespoke Sizes to Order

Power rating: 110 or 230 Volts, Power as below

Temperature Control: 0 to 40°c or 0 to 90°C thermostat

Standard Sizes

400mm x 1020mm 200 Watts 25L Drum
460mm x 1250mm 250 Watts 50L Drum
370mm x 1650mm 400 Watts 105L Drum
450mm x 1950mm 450 Watts 200L Drum
800mm x 1950mm 1200 Watts 200L Drum

Health And Safety 

All drum heaters are manufactured to conform to the EEC low voltage and EMC directives and CE marked accordingly. It is advised that power to the drum heater be disconnected when the drum is either empty or being filled, or upon installation or removal of the heater itself. It is recommended that the unit be operated in a dry environment with the drum vented to avoid build up of internal pressure.

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