TD Thermal supplies Pixsys controllers to OEM's and end users and can also provide control solutions for many different applications.

TD Thermal has the expertise to provide a total solution as some of our customers would rather purchase a complete control package that is pre-wired and tested prior to shipping. This ensures installation has minimum impact and is right for the application. We can provide such systems from a basic bench mounted indicator in an enclosure to sophisticated plc control system.   


 Below is an example of a control system that controls 17 air heaters and a 55KW blower. The operator interface is a Siemens colourscreen with bespoke software to manage sequencing, temperature control and safety systems to protect the heater elements in case of a fault. A PC application manages recipe management as the system is used for various processes.

The example below is a 3 zone temperature control panel used to control 3 banks of short wave infrared heaters on a curing process. Apart from accurate temperature control the end customer also wanted indication of a heater failure and to inhibit  operation of the heaters if an access door was open or a motor was not running.


The example below is of a 6 zone control system housed in a moveable console. It comprises of a master controller and 5 slave controllers. The master controller is programmed with a curing profile and the slave controllers follow the same profile. 

TD Thermal can provide solutions for almost any temperature control application from simple wall mounted thermostats to fully automated systems with plc control, datalogging colour touchscreens. Please contact with details of your application and we will be pleased to offer our assistance in designing a reliable and competitively priced solution taking the hassle out of heating control.

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