TD Thermal are the official agents for HT SpA covering the UK and Ireland. HT Spa have manufactured electric towel rail heaters for over 30 years and are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of electric heating elements. We can offer our standard range of high quality electric towel rail heaters on very short deliveries (often from UK stock) or alternatively custom made designs to suit your particular towel rail design.

This group is made up of electric heaters especially intended for use in domestic radiators and towel rails either in dual fuel or purely electric systems. They are available in insulation Class I (VDE and UL/CSA approved) as well as Class II -in case the wiring is not earthed. The finishes available can meet the a wide variety or requirements: ranging from the simple PVC cable with die-cast Schuko plug to luminous bi-polar ON/OFF switches, ending with fast-ons connectors for use in combination with external room temperature controls.
In this field, too, HT can provide you with the right solution thanks to its range of white or chrome-plated  electronic room controls - analogic or digital.

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Class I Electric elements for towel rails- LT CL I


The LT CLI series is formed by the heaters traditionally intended for domestic heating appliances (radiators and towel rails), provided with Class I electric insulation according to CEE EN 60335-1 and IP64 protection rate in the VDE version and also in the UL/CSA-approved version.

They are designed to be mounted vertically (upwards) both in purely electric and in dual fuel radiators or towel rails and are fitted in with two safety devices: an over-temperature cut/out and a thermal fuse.

The basic model features a white or grey 3-core cable complete with die-cast Schuko plug in matching colour, but the same heaters can also be manufactured complete with a luminous bi-polar On/Off switched (white or grey)

Class I - PT CL I

The PTC CLI Series are designed specifically for domestic heating appliances (radiators and towel rails) and are provided with a Class I insulation - according to CEE EN 60335-1 - and with an IP64 protection rating. They are built with the PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) technology, which means that they can provide a heating power functional to the temperature, thus giving maximum power at a lower temperature and reducing the power output as the temperature nears the required value.
This system guarantees several advantages:

Safety: meaning that in the worst working conditions – i.e. should the radiator run empty – the power absorbed by the PTC drops to insignificant levels, thus avoiding the risk of damage to the heating element.
Savings: in the PTC system the temperature is self regulating which eliminates the need for further safety devices such as over/temperature cut/outs and thermal fuses.
Smaller dimensions: their different internal construction allows a reduced dimension of the heaters in comparison to the traditional models.
Easy mounting: PTC heaters can work equally well in any mounting position (vertical or horizontal).


High quality European manufactured 'T' Pieces and blanking plugs are available for dual fuel systems. Please contact us for futher details.


Optional caps are available which allow the cable to exit the heater at 90° to improve the apperance of the finished installation.

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