TD Thermal supply silicone rubber insulated mat heaters the majority of which are custom designed and supplied in a couple of weeks. This type of heater is ideal for heating of flat or curved surfaces up to a maximum of 200 deg C. They give an even distribution of heat (unless distributed heat is specified) and are extremely easy to install. They can be supplied self-adhesive with built in thermostats or temperature sensors.

Below are a few examples of heater mats, please contact us with your application requirements and we will be happy to assist in designing a heater for you.


Silicone heater mats can be fitted with a temperature limiters or sensors such as thermistors, thermocouples or PT100's for temperature control. In addition lead wires and cables can be fitted with plugs to aid assembly in your production.


Silicone heater mats also make excellent drum heaters. They are supplied with a built in adjustable thermostat and are fully approved. Also available are insulated drum heaters that incorporate a silicone insulated heating cable with insulation to reduce heat loss. Standard sizes are usually available within days, with custom sizes and IBC heaters available in 2 to 3 weeks

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